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My name is Anastasia...

     I am a passionate photographer, explorer, and writer. I travel as much as possible throughout the year to pursue the beautiful landscapes of the planet, and to capture stories that might inspire others to consider their relationship with nature. My portfolio aims to inspire the preservation of wild places, while simultaneously encouraging others to learn more and explore them for themselves. 

     Working with both analogue and digital mediums, I am eager to travel the world and experience different cultures and landscapes. My own Greek culture has been a huge inspiration in my art. After living in Greece for a couple of years, I discovered a deep deference for how little I knew about the rest of the world, and how ready I was to learn about it.

     The camera has always been the vehicle in my search for exploration and understanding. The search never ends, because there’s always more to know.. I hope you’ll stick around to see what I find.


BFA / Paier College of Art / 2016

TEFL / International TEFL Academy / 2017

Awards & Publications:

  • IMAGES 40th Annual Connecticut Photography Competition & Exhibition / Ann Christensen Award / Fall 2021

  • Shoot It With Film / Film Photography Feature Article  / 2021

  • Arts Center East "Coping: Responding Through Art" / 2020

  • Arts Center East "New England Charm" / Third Place / 2020

  • Corvettes: Images & Stories About America's Great Sports Car / 2019

  • International Photography Awards / Honorable Mention / 2018

  • IMAGES 36th Annual Connecticut Photography Competition & Exhibition / 2 Honorable Mentions / 2017

  • MonoVisions Photography Awards / Honorable Mention / 2017

  • Float  Photo Magazine "Alternative Reality" / 2017

  • LIGHT A Journal for Photography & Poetry - Solitude / 2017

  • IMAGES 35th Annual Connecticut Photography Competition & Exhibition / 2016

  • Photosynthesis: Portraits and Portrayals / Honorable Mention / 2016

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